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“With the Blues Master, Harnden’s aim is to build a high-quality, affordable instrument, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find something this unique in this price range. Read full review.

Page From Guitar Player Magazine

“Grungier roots-tinged riffing is a blast on this thing, and it really sounds like no familiar template in the process. I had a blast lashing on some extra overdrive with a variety of distortion pedals and just taking the Bronco Buster where it wanted to go—a wild ride on a beast that knows its own mind. Ultimately if you are looking for a chic way to get down-and-dirty, this guitar will take you there in fine style. Read full review.

I first came across bills work on the internet, I was amazed at what i
saw and heard so i gave him a call and we instantly bonded. I asked him
if he could make me a custom bass and together we came up with the
first Excalibur bass. I presently own 4 of bills insane creations, 2
guitars and 2 basses and will be ordering more every year that I’m
alive. Bill has found a way to mix the best of the past and the future
in his very own special way that is second to none. His work makes me
feel special and original in a world where its all been done. Thank you
Bill you’ve changed my life as a player by giving me pieces of your
artistic soul one instrument at a time. I highly recommend this man’s
work when your ready to feel special.

Much love and respect, Momo – The Heavy Weight Jam video demo

Above all the vibrant features of my Excaliber, the sense of
“breathing” of the chords and the single notes is what keep my hands on
it day after day…a harmonic marriage between woods and electronics
supported by a generous amount of mojo—to me a New Classic is born !

Andrea Rigonat

Putting aside its silky playability and its ultra-cool appearance, what
really distinguishes the Broncobuster is its unique voice;
Telecasterish in its snap and bite, but melded with some Gibson girth.

Bob Gamble

If you want a guitar that sounds and looks like everybody else, don’t
get a Harden. But if what you want is a cool-sounding, slick playing,
and kick-ass-original looking guitar built by a real craftsman, this
might be the axe for you. I’ve gigged and recorded with my Harden
Belmont, and it is one tough guitar to put down. It has it’s own voice
and is easily the coolest looking guitar I own.

Bryant J. Spann video demo

Bill Harden is a truly visionary luthier and an incredible human being.
He is in the business of creating singular guitars that are not only
tone machines of the highest order, but double as fine works of art.
His “future retro” approach to his craft seamlessly incorporates “tried
& true” old school build techniques with post-modern designs using
hand selected components. No assembly lines. No CNC machines. Every
component is meticulously handcrafted by Bill himself, from the bodies
and necks to the handwound pickups to the engraving of every single
metal part. Let him create a one-of-a-kind instrument just for you. He
can and he will. NOTHING plays, sounds or looks like my Harden
Switchblade…end of story. It’s a dream come true.

Jimmy “Flyin” Ryan

I first spotted a Harden Switchblade in the window of a music store in
downtown Chicago. The retro styling was the first thing to catch my
attention. When I got it in my hands and plugged it in, I could feel
the mojo in that beast. I had to have one. I saved my pennies until I
was ready, and called Bill to place my order. He seemed to know what I
wanted..and what I got is the best electric guitar I have ever played!
The neck is amazing; arrow straight, low action, easy access to every
fret. The sustain is unbelievable. The custom made pickups are amazing!
Clear and bright, with no noise (single coils). The metalwork is simply
beautiful, as is the finish. You cannot find a better guitar. Period.

Harry Euhus, Rockford, Il.